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Attractions of
St. George's, Bermuda

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Things To Do

During your stay at the St. George’s Club Hotel, you will be just moments from everything that the island, draped in lush greenery and charming pastel houses has to offer. Our hotel is located in the historic town of St. George in St. George's Parish. From here, it's a short walk downtown to the area's historic attractions, fun things to do, and friendly shops and restaurants.

People in the Beach near St George's Club Bermuda Hotel

Legendary Beaches

Bermuda is best known for its legendary pink sand beaches, with miles of coastline dotted with crescents of soft rosy sand, dramatic rock formations and hidden coves.

When planning your stay at the St. George's Club Hotel, our staff will be happy to offer recommendations on nearby attractions, beaches, and things to do.

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Culinary Delights

The island is brimming with culinary delights. Throughout the old town of St. George, you will find many casual local eateries that are very popular for both breakfast and lunch. For dinner, head to Water Street, where most places have outdoor harbor-side dining areas. Enjoy the warm family-friendly atmosphere of local restaurants serving seafood delivered regularly from local fishermen in St George.

St Peters Church exterior near St George's Club Bermuda Hotel

Unique Attractions

British sailors shipwrecked here in 1609 while traveling to Jamestown, Virginia, which designated the St. George’s Parish as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Picturesque cottages, quaint lanes & narrow alleyways are scattered around King's Square. Sights include the Bermuda Old State House, the Old Rectory, and St. Peter's Church to name a few.

Cricket match in a field near St George's Club Bermuda Hotel

Local Events

When it comes to local events, the town of St. George has year-round heritage events showcasing its rich history, including art and music festivals, culinary happenings, lively sporting events, summer beach parties, fun holiday festivities, and national cultural celebrations. These culminate at the end of the year for the National Trust St George's Walkabout where locals open their houses and invite others in for a cup of festive cheer.

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo near St George's Club Bermuda

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo

Located in Bermuda's Flatts Village lies the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo (BAMZ). It houses a spectacular 14,000 gallon tank exhibiting live marine life, zoo exhibits housing over 300 birds, reptiles and mammals and offers many interactive activites.

Aerial view of Horseshoe Bay Beach, St George's Club Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach is Bermuda's most well-known beach. In addition to being picturesque, the expansive stretch of soft pink sand has all the amenities you could possibly need for a fantastic day at the beach. There you will find a beach bar, resturant and rental facility.

Town Hall St. George exterior near St George's Club Bermuda

Town Hall St. George

At the center of the St. George's Square, you will find Town Hall. Originally constructed in 1782, it is now utilized as a meeting place for the Mayor of St. George and his council. It is an excellent site to start a walking tour of St. George's.

Aerial view of Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, St George's Club Bermuda

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse History

Since its initial operation in 1846, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse has been flashing its beam to seafarers, while perched atop a 245 ft. hill. Climb the 185 steps to enjoy one of the best views of the island, and afterwards enjoy lunch at their cafe or visit the gift shop.


The Unfinished Church near St George's Club Bermuda Hotel

The Unfinished Church

The ruins of the Unfinished Church, a protected historical monument, is known to be amongst the most treasured on the island. Intended to replace St. Peter's Church in 1874, the structure was met with several unfortunate events resulting in it's noncompletion.

Man in Blue Hole Park water, St George's Club Bermuda Hotel

Blue Hole Park

Explore the paths of Blue Hole Park to discover hidden caverns and grottos. A network of subterranean tunnels supply water to the pools and caverns across the 12-acre park. Visitors are welcome to take a swim in the crystal clear cave waters.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves near St George's Club Bermuda Hotel

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

The Crystal and Fantasy Caves are natural wonders. Massive turquoise subterranean lakes and magnificent formations of every size and shape conceivable are highlights of these must-see caverns.

Couple in Fort St. Catherine, St George's Club Bermuda Hotel

Fort St. Catherine

Fort St. Catherine, the largest of Bermuda's several ancient forts, is located in St. George's parish and is arguably one of the most stunning sites on the island. It was one of Bermuda's early defences against the attempted invasions of the Spanish, French and Americans. 

Bermuda National Gallery stairway near St George's Club Bermuda

Bermuda National Gallery

The Bermuda National Gallery is home to Bermuda's National Art Collection. World-class art and cultural experiences are offered here in the Heart of Hamilton. Innovative programs and activities for adults and children alike are sure to engage and inspire. 

These photos have been provided by the Bermuda Tourism Authority.